To get established as the most influential holding company in the pharmaceutical industry and a partner of choice for both internal and external stakeholders.


To become a leader in business development and public/policy advocacy


Integrity: To maintain a high level of integrity in all our dealings
Accountability: Responsible to put the needs and well-being of our clients first
People-Centred: Our clients remain high in all our interactions bearing in mind their supreme interest.

Welcome to Samaholdings

Samah Holdings is the holding company for the following:

  • Samah Chemists Limited
  • Samah Trading Limited
  • Advocacy Consult Limited

The objective of the holding company is to provide support and supervisory role to the listed companies above.
This it does through:

  • The provision of the highest standard of pharmaceutical services through wholesaling and retailing to pharmacies and patients.
  • Trading in consumables, import and export of commodities
  • Provision of consultancy services to the pharmaceutical business in Ghana and West Africa.



Continuous innovation to create value

Shape the environment in which we operate that leads to new opportunities

Be one of the leading indigenous companies in Africa by 2020.