To become the leader in provision of consultancy services in the pharmaceutical industry.
Be the most preferred partner in the provision of assisted series in the pharmaceutical domain.

Advocacy Consult is a member of Samah Holdings a business conglomerate with interest in pharmaceutical, business development, policy advocacy and general trading of merchandise.
Advocacy Consult is made up of experienced and professional individuals very well-vexed in pharmaceutical marketing, customer care, government affairs/policy development.

It is a consulting company founded to assist organisations especially pharmaceutical companies to improve upon their non-core operations by outsourcing them as well as allowing the company to provide support for their core activities like customer care and government affairs and policy.
Corporate Objectives:

  • Recruitment Agency- provide the platform for pharmaceutical organisations to recruit qualified staff using our highly qualified professional team.
  • Outsourcing- provide sales and marketing support for the pharmaceutical industry to improve their performance.
  • Customer Care Training-provide requisite training to the customer care units of business entities to raise the level of competence of the team.
  • Government Affairs/Policy
    • Provide support services to pharmaceutical companies on this.
    • Assist companies to develop public policy positions,
    • Assist companies to shape the environment in which they operate thereby opening new opportunities,
    • Provide support for companies to prepare submissions to relevant departments/trade associations and lead in discussions to influence policy decisions which will be in their best interest.
    • Help the company create a policy environment that supports their growth agenda and functions.
    • Assist companies to produce creative and impactful public policies and positions.
    • Monitor and track key external developments in political, NGO and patient environment for our clients.